> Which Juicer is the Best?

Which juicer is the best?

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The best juicer is the one that you enjoy using everyday. There is no one juicer that suits everyone so you need to decide how much you want to spend, and if your willing to put up with a bit of noise or would rather have a quiet machine that takes a bit longer to make top quality juice.

Wide Mouth Slow Juicer

Do you dislike loud screechy machines but love being able to feed whole apples and carrots into your juicer? Finally there are quiet juicers that can juice whole fruits and vegetables. They tend to be pricey, but if you want to treat yourself then a Wide Mouth Slow Juicer  will give you the maximum nutrition from your fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Horizontal slow juicers are still superior at juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens so if your a big green juice fan like me then I'd stick with a horizontal slow juicer (see below).

If, like me, a Wide Mouth Slow Juicer costs more than you want to spend right now then the choice is a

  • Wide Mouth Centrifugal Juicer that produces juice quickly and noisily without any chopping

or a

  • Masticating Juicer which is slower, quieter, extracts more juice and nutrients and also juices wheatgrass. These usually have a narrow feed chute which means fruit and vegetables need to be chopped up increasing prep time.

Wide mouth centrifugal juicers 
quick and noisy

It takes me under 10 minutes to make 4 cups (1 litre) of juice using a wide mouth centrifugal juicer including vegetable prep and washing up time.

Treat yourself to a quality wide mouth centrifugal juicer if you:

  • Aren't bothered by a bit of noise.
  • Hate chopping.
  • Don't need the juicer for wheatgrass.
  • Enjoy juicing pineapple and other fruits, or make lots of carrot juice.
  • Want a juicer that makes juice quickly.

Tip: If you already own a wide mouth centrifugal juicer and want to experiment with juicing your own wheatgrass then an inexpensive manual wheatgrass juicer (amazon.com) lets you juice wheatgrass too. These are small and light and can be stored in a cupboard when not in use.

You need some strength in your wrists and arms to use manual juicers as you are the motor.

 juicers for optimum Nutrition

A masticating juicer uses a gentle crushing action, like our teeth chewing (hence the name) and is said to preserve enzymes and nutrients, creating extra healthy juice that keeps for 2-3 days in the fridge. While a masticating juicer often costs more than a centrifugal one, it will squeeze more juice out of your fruit and vegetables so you'll save money on your weekly grocery bill.

Do you like it quiet & desire the best quality juice?

If you hate the noise of a centrifugal juicer then I heartily recommend a masticating juicer, which will gently crush the juice out of fruit, vegetables, and wheatgrass, rather than shredding and spinning them at high speed as centrifugal juicers do. A good masticulating juicer is really quiet. It purrs like a cat, rather than screaming at you like a banshee.

The juice produced by masticating juicers is more nutritious and if stored carefully will keep for 3 days in the fridge.

Tip: You can easily tell how efficient a juicer is by the dryness of the leftover pulp. The dryer the pulp the more efficient the juicer.

The downside with masticating juicers is that, with the exception of the new wide mouth models you do need to chop up your fruit and vegetables, plus they're slower at juicing so it does take longer to make your juice. They are built to last and usually come with at least a 5 year guarantee.

Best wheatgrass juicer

the Omega Juicer

If you live in the U.S.A. then I recommend the Omega J8006 Juicer (See reviews on Amazon.com). It is much loved and gets excellent reviews. With a top qualify design the Omega J8006 makes highly nutritious juice that can be stored for up to 3 days in the fridge. This juice machine is built to last and comes with a 15-year warranty.

> Which Juicer is the Best?