After Harvested Sprout Soil

by Paula
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Hi Amanda. I harvested my sunflower sprouts a few days ago and was wondering what to do with the soil that still has the roots left in it. Every website I browsed regarding sprouting doesn't say what you should/could do next with the soil. Seems a waste if I toss it. I hope you can help. Thanks.


Comments for After Harvested Sprout Soil

Jul 06, 2015
What to do with the remaining soil after growing sunflower sprouts or wheatgrass
by: Amanda

I'm lucky enough to have a garden at the moment so I either add it to my compost bin or use it as a top dressing under shurbs.

A fun way to recycle the used soil is a worm factory. It saves on having to constantly buy in new compost and is great if you can get it working in balance and keep the fruit flies for being a pest.

Happy growing,

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