Beetroot juice

by Angelalo

Can I use canned beetroot in place of fresh beetroot in blending?

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Jul 01, 2010

Juicing beets

by: Amanda

The health benefits of beets are greatest when we enjoy them fresh and raw. The next best way is probably to use frozen beet juice, followed by a good quality freeze dried beet juice powder.

Blending and Juicing Beets

High powered blenders such as the Vitamix and Blentec blenders easily blend raw beetroots - but they are on the expensive side. And both masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers make great fresh beetroot juice.

When beetroots are canned they have been found to have less than half the amount of Folic Acid and Vitamin B6.
Source: Vitamin loss with canning and freezing. (Opens in new window)

While fresh is best, canned beetroots can certainly be used for blending if you find it easier. You can always move on to fresh beetroots and raw beetroot juice when time allows.

Beet juice powder

Beet juice powder comes in handy when juicing beets isn't an option. Adding a good quality freeze dried beet juice powder to your smoothies will give you a blast of nutrition, and is a fun way to turn your smoothies pink or red! Freeze dried powders are best stored in the fridge or freezer to preserve their health benefits.

Happy blending,

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