Beetroot Juice

by Nick Catricala
(Woodbridge, ON. Canada)

Hey Amanda,
this is my first time on your site... I have a good feel of it and will come back... thanks for your hard work to educate people like me on raw food and juices...

I went raw back in 1998-1999 bu I was not ready so slowly went back to cooked... perhaps I will start and keep going again next week... so your site will be visited by me often THANKS!!!

For your info... here is how I start the search and found your site :-) hope you like to read...

Dear Reader,

It was a big story in sports science in 2010.

But for those of us who don't take to the bike paths or soccer fields every day, it might not have been too big of a deal.

In fact, you might have ignored the story completely. Well, you're going to want to pay attention now.

Because having a more active and fulfilling life is as easy as drinking a glass of juice.

First, the background -- earlier this year, researchers found that athletes who drank beetroot juice were able to exercise for 16 percent longer -- meaning major gains in training and on the field.

That news, though, didn't really seem to be too major for the rest of us. Until now, that is.

A study published recently in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that the juice could be just as good for people whose days of athletic stardom are long gone...or for those of us who were never so hot on the playing field in the first place.

Researchers paired beetroot juice with low intensity exercise -- walking -- and found that juice-drinking study participants used less oxygen when walking. Basically, drinking the juice reduced the effort it took to walk by a not-so-shabby 12 percent.

This is especially big news for older people or those with heart or lung conditions, because they're not able to take in as much oxygen anymore. That means even simple tasks can wear you out.

Imagine the energy boost -- being able to go for a walk around the block with your friends without getting worn out. Or being able to play a little catch with your grandson rather than watching him play from your chair on the porch.

Now, I have to confess. I've never had beetroot juice, so I have absolutely no idea what it tastes like. I'm a fan of beets, so I guess that's a start. I'm going to look for it next time I go to the store -- and it looks like it's available on Amazon, too, for those of you who like to do your shopping online!

Yours in good health,

Christine O'Brien

Comments for Beetroot Juice

Apr 21, 2011
Beets Juice
by: nick c.

Hey Christine,
Nice to read your story... thanks for sharing.

I discovered this site not long ago, and found it very useful and informative, and most of all I found it to be encouraging to stick to a great diet that bring only GREAT feelings..

Anyway... what I really wanted to say is that I was as you before... and never ventured into beets juice...

Well, after reading an article from Amanda, I just went ahead and buy beets and juice them... wow, what a surprise... it tested wonderful... and so now I make a habit to add beets every time I juice... lately have been carrots and beets and ginger... very zesty and that is what I like... but if you want to, just do the beets and some other stuff you like... for sure you will enjoy the taste but most of all receive the health benefits.

One more thing before letting you go :-)

Not sure how true it is since I do not have any documentations to share with you... but drinking carrot and beets juice (I do it my own with a green life juicer) I was able to subdue a nasty flu kind of cold in two days together with Vitamin C and Echinecea and Golden Seal...

I know we can say what we want... but I am certain the juice made the difference since it helped me cleanse faster and at the same time give me the nutrition I needed to go on...

Hope this helps you in many ways and again, thanks for sharing your great story.

Nick C.

Apr 21, 2011
Beet Juice
by: Amanda

Hi Christine and Nick,

Big thanks for sharing your stories.

I'm totally into my fresh beetroot juice at the moment:) My current favorite juice is beetroot with apples, celery and cucumber. Yum!

Happy Juicing,

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