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Where To Buy Wheatgrass Online for Fresh Wheatgrass Juice

Where to buy wheatgrass online

Buy Wheatgrass for Juicing

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Freshly juiced wheatgrass is a fantastic superfood, however you may not have the time, energy, or desire, to grow your own wheatgrass. Happily buying fresh wheatgrass is becoming much easier as it's often possible to buy fresh wheatgrass online, and have it delivered, already grown, to your house or juice bar.

In the USA you can buy wheatgrass online at Sproutman.com.

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What options are when it comes to drinking wheatgrass juice at home?

Option 1.    Buy Frozen wheatgrass juice

No juicer required. The supplier grows wheatgrass and then straight after it has been juiced it is flash frozen for optimum nutrition. It is then mailed out to you frozen for you to store in your freezer until needed. Reputable sellers have their wheatgrass juice lab tested for quality and food safety.

 You can buy fresh wheatgrass juice here (USA).

Option 2.    Buy wheatgrass for juicing at home

For this option you need a wheatgrass juicer.

The supplier grows the wheatgrass for you and supplies it either precut in bags for you to store in the fridge, or still alive and growing.

When supplied still growing it is often comes in packs of two trays. One tray being fully grown and ready for harvest, and the other containing younger wheatgrass that will be ready for harvesting in a few days time. This option ensures that you get the freshest possible juice. Trays of wheatgrass are usually only delivered locally so use the internet to search for your nearest supplier.

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