Can my green juice cause me allergies??

by Cindy
(Ontario, Canada)

Two months ago I bought my Vitamix, I started juicing and blending feeling so healthy, I lost some weight, my skin and my hair feels amazing. I just take one juice for breakfast, usually with carrots, kale, apple, parsley, celery and ginger.
I have been two weeks with a rash all over my body, I cannot stop scratching, need two Benadryls per day to move on.
Can drinking green juices be the cause of this allergy? Do I need to switch the veggies every day? Do I need to stop completely?? Am I the only one having this issue?
Please help!

Comments for Can my green juice cause me allergies??

Aug 21, 2015
Allergic Reaction to Green Juices
by: Alyssa

Thank you everyone for sharing on here about this. I have been drinking green juices for years on and off and two months ago decided to do a full on juice cleanse.

I broke out in rash all over my whole body. I thought it was a detox rash so I continued.

After about 8 days the rash was so bad I stopped completely. As the rash left my body, these large hives began to develop all over my stomach, chest, neck and the inside of both arms. It has been two months now and it is only getting worse. I've tried everything topical from cortisone creams to essential oils mixed with coconut oil and nothing is working.

I've been to three doctors and no one knows what it is only that it is definitely an allergic reaction. I have even done acupuncture. The only thing I have notices is when I avoid green powders and green juices for a bunch of days in a row it seems to subside a little. So, I guess that is it... I have developed an allergy to green vegetables!!!

This is not good news since greens are a big part of my diet. Any thoughts? Could this really be true?

Oct 13, 2015
Juicing allergic reaction
by: Maria

Hi I have been juicing for 2 years and my boyfriend about a year now I've used all the vegetables you mentioned plus many more same ones every time I switching on and off sometimes but I have never gotten an allergic reaction on the contrary my health is better I had planters fasciitis it went away I had tennis elbow, it went a way I had arthritis and on my joints and I don't feel that anymore my skin is nice and clear. I'm 64 by the way so these are things that come with age but I've gotten rid of them with juicing I guess juicing is like everything else and you could be allergic to something in there. maybe you should try to juice one vegetable at a time and see how you feel or two at a time and by just process of elimination find out which is the one that's giving you an allergy. One last thought when I was younger and I was into nutrition a lot when you cleanse your body, things that you had in the past like measles and colds and things like that would come back and it was the way of the body kind of cleaning itself. Wish you the best. MARIA

Jan 19, 2016
I believe you are correct
by: Anonymous

I was just searching online for this same issue. I broke out in an allergic rash on my face and believe it coincides with drinking fresh celery juice. It's mixed with carrot and apple, but I've used those before without issue. So I believe it's the celery. Many vegetable have substances that are like natural pesticides. This is supposedly good for us to some extent. But when we drink juices, I think some of us respond to the overload of the substances. For my own response, I believe the celery juice makes my skin hypersensitive to astringents and other topical substances. No more celery juice!

Feb 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

Hello. I have a rash on my face, neck, and back as well. It almost looks like severe acne, but my face feels textured now. It didn't start until yesterday morning, and I have been juicing for eight days as of today. How long does it take before it goes away? I only use organic fruit (spinach, kale, carrots, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, oranges, grapefruit, celery, green pepper, ginger). I don't know if I should give up juicing or not. The rash is very bumpy, itchy, and uncomfortable.

Mar 07, 2016
Histamine in spinach
by: Anonymous

You may have a histamine issue. Spinach is high in histamine (the substance that increases with allergies) so if you have histamine intolerance then juicing lots of spinach may be problematic. I would switch from spinach to kale or other leafy green and stay away from high histamine fruits and veggies. You can look online for lists.

Mar 26, 2016
by: Anonymous

I used to juice a lot in my 40s I am now 64 and started juicing again. I was alright for a while but now when I juice I feel tightness in my chest and cough a lot. When I stop juicing for a few days this disappears.It doesn't seem to make a difference what I am juicing. The reaction is the same. I feel tight in my chest. Does someone else have these allergic symptoms?

Apr 06, 2016
Allergy to apples etc
by: Anonymous

Yes you can be allergic to apples, celery and pears. They belong to a group of so called cross allergies and usually coincide with certain pollen allergies, i.e hazel or birchtree.

They might be a bit more common in Europe though and usually affect only raw foods not cooked.

The easiest way to work out what your allergic to is to leave off them all for a couple of days and then test them one by one.

I have a lot of these and found out by accident when eating pears. They tend to come in families such as pears, apples and cherries or similar. But all of the ones you mention belong into the cross allergen grouping.

I have quite a few of them so I need to substitute a lot, still once you know what exactly your allergens are - it gets a lot better. I saw some reports that the allergenic potential might be reduced when blending (not juicing) with a high power mixer - unfortunately these are in German so the link might not be helpful to you ;-)

Have not been daring enough to try this yet, but seen reports. Also there are reports that certain apples have a lower allergenic potential- worth a test, too.

But first try to take all possible allergens out so that you can figure out what is causing this. Have you been tested for pollen allergies ?

Hope this helps and all the best from Germany


Aug 05, 2016
Raised itchy rash on chest and back of calves
by: Anonymous

I have only just bought a juicer (£100) and after
one week have developed this awful itchy rash on my chest. I've tried everything and only antihistamine tablets will stop it.

Each day I have carrot juice with apple, celery, cucumber & courgette.

I'll have to juice them one as a time and hopefully find the culprit,so sad as i enjoyed juicing.

Aug 08, 2016
Juicing Rash
by: Anonymous

I have just had a really bad reaction to juicing,
a red lumpy intensely itchy rash almost sent me crazy,until I read if you make a paste of extra virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of turmeric and spread over rash (stings a bit at first) leave it on for about one hour then wash off.

Repeat if you feel the need.

I then spread coconut oil on the rash removing surplus before going to bed,after two days of doing this the rash is much less inflamed and itching has virtually stopped. This is a bit messy but well worth the effort.

Aug 21, 2016
Itchy Rash
by: Anonymous

I thought this might help someone if you have developed an itchy rash (I have) after five days of juicing, and have tried everything to get some relief. I found this on line and have found some relief.

Take a piece of fresh ginger, chop into small pieces and chew, or grate the ginger into a cup and pour hot water over to make ginger tea. I can't tell you how pleased I am to get some peace.
I don't like taking medication as I can react to it.

I also keep a food diary and try to avoid foods with high sulfites to help give my immune system
a chance to recover.

Hope this advice helps someone.

Sep 26, 2018
Celery was the cause of my hives & itching
by: Anonymous

Had a very similar situation, where i broke into hives with severe itching about 2 weeks after i started making smoothies. I had been using celery each time with different fruits. I stopped using celery and my hives and itching disappeared.

Nov 19, 2018
Celery Hives
by: Anonymous

Celery it is for me. I juiced all celery to heal my stomach issues and by day 4 I was a mess. I haven't stopped itching yet. It seemed like it was the gateway. I never really ate it before, but now Im scared to eat it again. Everything I eat now makes me have a reaction. And it was organic.

Feb 06, 2019
Celery Juicing and Hive like rash
by: Anonymous

I am actually quite relieved to read I’m not the only one who after celery juicing is experiencing this hive like rash all over my arms mostly, some on my sides but super uncomfortable and annoying. I’ve never had skin problems and just started a couple weeks ago drinking celery juice. Thank you all for your input as it makes me feel less panicked knowing others have also experience this. Will try some of the suggestions to help rid myself of this awfulness. Have already stopped juicing

Jul 06, 2019
Itchy rash on hand & sensitivity to sun
by: Anonymous

Since juicing celery I have developed a really itchy rash on my left keeps me awake with the intense hands ate dry, cracked & bleeding..but it only seems to happen when I'm handling takes several days with creams to settle down...but I'm drinking 18oz a day...I also have sensitive facial skin..and have always gone red on my face, but the other day I came in and my face was itching, it blistered, and my skin was literally peeling off, even the tanned bits, this has never happened and was really shocked, my forehead is so dry and itchy and now have a great white mark on my face where it blistered...could anyone help here, is drinks king the juice causing this damage?..even though when drinking it my hands don't seem to itch...any advice would be greatly appreciated...this.

Sep 17, 2019
Itchy armpits after juicing, only when I wear deodorant
by: Anonymous

I've been juicing for a week and suddenly only when I wear deodorant my armpits itch like crazy. I've used this deodorant for years and no problem. I have been pretty unhealthy for the last couple years and started a healthy lifestyle with juicing. Am I perhaps detoxing? But then wouldn't my armpits itch all the time?

Nov 23, 2019
Celery Juicing
by: Anonymous

10 weeks ago I had watched u-tube several times on the benefits of Celery juicing, also the health food store told me about it, i had been around pesticides years ago and had over use of antibiotics for years had got Candida from it in the year 2000 lost taste and smell had to do my own research, fighting it ever since. thought the celery juice would flush it all out well after a few days rash face, neck had 3/4 beet red swollen fingers feels like someone is choking me sometimes, had stopped for a week and then did a few more days figured it just started flushing out the bad. Then I checked of the side effects, could be allergic, and also it can block something from getting to your thyroid and cause a Goiter, so still 10 weeks later no relief I will never do that again and I accidently ate a little celery with the dinner out, hand got really bad and neck no stop itch, I need some help with this the dermatologist just said use the hydrocortisone cream well the side effects are similar to what I already have I never use any drugs all natural supplements and herbs, any help please let me know

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Juicing same vegetables too often causes you to become allergic to those veggies?

by Nicole
(Houston, TX)

I recently started juicing and I keep reading the same claim that juicing the same vegetables too often can cause someone to become allergic to those vegetables. My problem with this statement is that it does not provide enough information. For example, how often is too often, is juicing the same vegetable three to four times a week too often?

Furthermore, carrots, beets, apples and celery are staples in juicing and most recipes call for one, if not more, of these ingredients. If I drink a juice twice a day, it is extremely difficult not to have one of those veggies/fruit at least every other day.

Said another way, I may not have the exact same juice in a two day period, but I am likely to use carrots or apples in two different juices (with different veggies) in a two day period. Will this make me become allergic to apples or carrots?

I would like to become educated on this topic but it is hard to find anything other than conclusory statements that juicing the same veggies everyday may cause you to become allergic to those veggies. If you have any information you could give me, I would greatly appreciate it. I really do not want to become allergic to any fruits or vegetables!


Comments for Juicing same vegetables too often causes you to become allergic to those veggies?

May 17, 2011
Is juicing the same vegetables ok?
by: Amanda

Hi Nicole,

It's pretty rare to be allergic to apples, carrots, or celery. Much more common to be allergic to citrus fruit or strawberries.

I usually have apples and celery in my juices everyday and have never had any sign of an allergy.

I don't have any scientific proof that it's ok to do this, but the juice both tastes good and makes me feel good afterwards.

I love to have a fresh juice for breakfast. I've been juicing for years and I'm often make the same type of vegetable juice each morning.

I found an article on being allergic to apples (opens in a new window). Don't know how accurate it is. I only get hayfever when I eat too much cooked starch. When I eat high raw and stay away from wheat and oats then I am able to run through the hay meadows without sneezing fits!

Hope this helps,

Jul 24, 2011
I'd like to know the answer to this as well
by: Anonymous

Funny to search for a question and find the same question, but still no answer. I too would like to know what is considered an "extensive period of time" when we are talking about juicing vegetables and causing allergies over time. Is extensive 3 days? 30 days? 5 years? I know it will depend on the individual, but isn't there a ballpark someone can throw out?

And if someone wants to go further, how do you rotate your greens? Every other day? Every two days? Longer?

Apr 15, 2013
Allergic to some fruits and vegetables.
by: Laura

It is totally possible to be allergic to some fruits and vegetables and I'm living proof as I write this with huge hives on my face... Today was the first day of using my new juicer. After juicing veggies and several apples (with skins)my skin exploded with reddness and hives. I remembered that as a kid and adult, I was never able to eat an apple without first peeling it or my lips would swell. After researching it on line, it turns out that there are certain fruits and veggies in the ragweed family, birch family, pollen family, etc and they can cause huge allergic reactions if you are allergic to these types of allergens. Do your research. Good luck!

Nov 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'm allergic to both carrots and apples, raw. People with oral Allergy Syndrome have allergies to many fruits, veggies and nuts. I can eat most of the foods I'm allergic to if they are cooked. Its not really that rare. I've met several people with the same intolerances as me. I believe it's because our food production and eating habit over the last 30 year have caused us to have leaky guts. In turn allowing substances getting into our blood stream that shouldn't be there have cause our bodies to retaliate.
I've decided to start juicing and have begun searching the internet for staples I can use. I don't have an issue to most green veggies. I'm good with grapes, most berries, cucumber, celery, beets, and everything citrus. I just have to saw no to carrot (or heat it, let it cool the use it...with the rest of my raw veggies...shrug.) and many pitted fruits, cherries, pear and plums. Annoying but, hopeful I can heal my gut, in time, and enjoy them again.

Jan 06, 2014
It's true
by: Anonymous

I started juicing a week ago. As I am writing now I have two hives on my neck and five on my left arm. I am definitely allergic to some of the vegs and fruits that I have been juicing. From now I have to figure out which vegs to juice.

Mar 03, 2014
I got hives
by: Cathi

I started juicing, taking DIM, as well and have hives for past 3 weeks which seem to have gone into my stomach. I am sick and exhausted.

Mar 23, 2014
Bad allergic reaction
by: Jtee

I usually eat the fruits and vegetables I use for juicing just fine. 3 days after I started juicing, I had a tolerable allergic reaction. I thought it's just part of the detox process people say you get when juicing so I kept going. I stopped on the 8th day because I noticed it's not going away and I was itching over my neck up to my face. I took over the counter antihistamines.

I stopped juicing and slowly resumed eating regular foods - I tried to let it heal naturally but on the 3rd day of no juicing, I decided to consult a doctor because my left side face was still covered with itchy hives. I was given a cortisone shot and told to stop juicing till I figure out what caused the allergic reaction.

I have no idea what I'm allergic to coz like what I said, I've eaten those fruits and vegetables before and I was fine. Maybe I had too much of something that my system can't handle.

I loved juicing and I'd do it again once I'm completely healed. I'll try to figure out what I can juice by trying out one juicing recipe at a time .

Mar 30, 2014
My experience with daily green smoothies
by: Judy

3 weeks ago I started doing daily kale and frozen Berries smoothies. I also began taking DIM. 3 days ago I broke out with full body hives. I have now stopped taking both.

Apr 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

I started juicing almost 4 weeks ago and slowly my itchy allergic reaction keeps getting worse. I can eat all the foods and so I am wondering if I might be allergic to the pesticides used on the foods and never noticed it before because I never ate them at such a large quantity. Going to try to switch to organic and see if I see some relief.

May 16, 2014
Is it the kale or wheatgrass??
by: Zoe

I started juicing and blending with my new Vitamix, so excited, lost some weight and felt amazing! After 2 months I have developed the worst allergic reaction of my life! I need 2 Benadryls a day, I cannot stop scratching all my body even my head!! I really do not want to stop my daily breakfast blending, how can I know whats the allergic ingredient?? I change the ingredients often but usually its carrot, kale, celery, apple, parsley, coconut water, and ginger.
My allergy started after using wheatgrass for 4 days, so I stopped imediately.
Please help!!!

May 25, 2014
by: Armando

I think we all suffered from the same thing. I started to have rashes on my body on my 2nd day. It was 2 days ago and there is no change so far. I drunk fruits that are highly susceptible to create an allergy so I told myself that's why my skin reacted so violently (it's very itchy! But don't, I heard it can leave marks). So I was curious and I found this article that make sense but I still wonder if I should leave my body heal on its own or see a dermatologist. I'm afraid to have irreversible effect, like a real allergy, that will stop me from drinking delicious mango

I would love to hear more comments about this and also what do you think about this post I've linked just above.

Jun 24, 2014
Me too...
by: Jill

I've been juicing for 5 years but discovered if I juice a lot i.e. juice diet I come out in hives. This first occurred a year ago and I think pineapple was the cause. However after a few months without pineapple it settled. Had a break then reintroduced pineapple. Was ok with pineapple again for about a year until a few weeks ago.

After a juice diet it has come back and I have loads hives need piriton. Been a good week and no pineapple but still getting flare ups even though no pineapple in juice so think must now be allergic to other things in juice but not sure what. Very annoyed as love juicing.

I am ok when don't juice at all. I think I will cut out for couple months and then slowly introduce to see what happens. Hope this is not permanent or I have done any damage to myself.

I think this proves moderation is key!!!

Jun 27, 2014
Ragweed Allergies Related to Foods
by: Maya

There are foods that may worsen your seasonal allergies based on the allergen you react to.

Food that may make your seasonal allergy worse

Apr 16, 2015
Flu like symtoms from juicing
by: Mel

I have yet another question. I bought a juicer about a month ago and decided to do a cleanse. On the 2nd day i caught the flu and had to stop... Again yesterday afternoon I juiced some fruits and veggies and couldn't sleep last night from flu like symptoms (2 weeks have past since the last time)... Is this normal? Does this happen to anyone??? I'm like a water fountain right now.. :-(

May 08, 2015
Thought I had poison ivy
by: edeebee

I just made the possible connection between juicing and the rash I have on both arms and stomach. I thought I had gotten into some poison ivy when pulling weeds, but I started to break out a few days after I decided to do a full blown juice cleanse. I remember the last time I decided to go raw and I got violently ill. I guess I need to rethink what makes me healthy.

Aug 27, 2015
Possible cause of and relief from allergic reactions from juicing organic vegetables
by: Kim

I juice only non-GMO, organic vegetables, grown in the U.S. My severe allergic reaction is in my eyes. One swells closed and the other swells wide open!?! My reading of N.W. Walker's book, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, suggests that the introduction of live, organic juices into the body stirs-up toxins. The more toxic the body, the more severe the reaction. What I find relieves my symptoms is either a lemon juice enema that I give myself at home. Or, a professional colonic irrigation. I am determined to work through detoxifying my body but don't know how long it will take. But to speed up the process, I consume no refined or processed sugar and no product containing wheat. I drink room-temperature reverse osmosis water with fresh lemon cut into about 8 pieces and soaked in the water overnight before drinking. I consume about 4 Tbsp. freshly ground flax seed daily, either in a smoothie, or with a low fat cottage cheese, 1 Tbsp flax seed oil, organic blueberries, and a sprinkle of cayeene. I add 2 ounces daily of aloe vera liquid (favorite brand George's 100% Aloe Vera to my smoothies). And I drink high quality green tea daily.

Feb 07, 2016
Oral Allergy Syndrome and Juicing is Hard!
by: DSB

I first noticed that I had a reaction to raw carrots and celery around the age of 14. I grew up eating them like they were candy. Over the years, I have found other raw foods to cause a reaction; swollen lips, itchy mouth, slight swelling of esophagus, asthma, and nausea leading to a very ill and painful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I have tried going all organic, vegan, paleo, using different digestive enzyme supplements, etc. Digestive enzymes are the absolute worst. I want to die when I take them.

Veganism and green juicing can be difficult! When I try them from time to time, I stick with the same thing that I know won't hurt me...kale, spinach, coriander, lemon and ginger, small apple. Is this bad to do the exact same thing? It's really all I can do.

I react to carrots, celery, avocado, bananas, melon, stone fruit. Unless it's cooked, I probably can't eat it. Any tips out there? I hate to cook the nutrients out to be able to handle the juice. Also as for variety, I was told that mixing fruit in with veg is not conducive to changing a pH, etc.

Oct 18, 2017
by: Carolyn

I have broken out with hives and my bottom lip is very swollen. For me this has nothing to do with changing which veggies or how often. This happened the first time I juiced.

I waited 2 weeks and tried again with different veggies and from a different store. Both times they were organic.

I really believe we are not intended to take in this many veggies at one time. There is no way you could eat that many. I will not be juicing anymore.

Jan 16, 2018
It could be the Chlorella in the Green Powders.
by: makeupscience

A large number of people are allergic to either spiraling or chlorella. These are almost always found in this powders. If you were adding powders to your juices it may explain what happened. I would try the juice with nothing else. I also have Oral Allergy Syndrome and only pasteurized juices are safe for me to drink.

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