Can't juice this

by Del

I recently bought a Gino Da Campo. processer, I've been told it can make juices and smoothies but I'm new to this whole area.

I tried making apple juice but it just diced it, I didn't process for two long. I used the blades in the processer. It hass quite a wide bowl.

Where do you think I'm going wrong?

Comments for Can't juice this

Jul 23, 2010
Juicers for juicing
by: Amanda Mercer

Sorry -I'm not familiar with that machine.

I find that the best juicers are designed specifically for juicing - not blending.

Multi-function machines that combine both blending and juicing often make lovely fruit smoothies, but invariably make poor juicers. For juicing I recommend you avoid any machine that is advertised as a blender with a "juice attachment", and choose a custom built juicer machine that is quick to use, easy to clean, and able to extract the maximum amount of juice.

For more info check out my What is the best juicer? page.

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