Champion Juicer - Strong and lasts forever

by Alan V. Schmukler

I've had a champion juicer for over 20 years. Once it needed a replacement part and that cost $20. It's powerful and easy to use and clean. The company stands behind its products and has excellent customer service.

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Champion Juice Extractor

by Dolores
(Magnolia, TX)

Although I have tried several different 'juicers', I always go back to my Champion. I purchased the first one in 1976, and am now on my 3rd one.

I use what is called the 'grape' strainer which lets more of the pulp into the juice, but it is still very palatable.

This juicer extracts the pulp in one place and the juice in another, so it is very easy to clean, and does not heat the juice.

Another great thing about this machine: if you want to juice fruits and berries, it takes the seeds out of the fruit and gives you a nice puree. You can add water during or after if you want a thinner result. I had a lot of tomatoes one year, and the Champion took out the skins and seeds and left me a wonderful juice.

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