Just enjoyed reading your juicing nettles and cleavers article. Interesting. I read cleavers shifted lymph, thought "I've seen those in the wood", picked one, checked it was one and thought I'd check on eating them raw.

I put rocket in a juice recently and it was sooo green and bitter. Because I want to juice the masses of rocket I have, rather than munch through it all, I decided to juice the rocket with a spring green leaf to make an espresso size shot. This was quickly followed by a large fennel and red pepper juice I had made first. Ahh much better.

So glad the cleavers are edible.

Comments for Cleavers

Jul 31, 2015
Juicing Cleavers
by: Amanda

Yes cleavers are one of the first 'weeds' to grow in the spring and are traditionally used to spring clean our bodies from the inside.

Before juicing became popular folk used to steep cleavers along with other herbs in water overnight, and then strain and drink the water in the morning.

Happy juicing,

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