Electric Citrus Juicer
Juice oranges and lemons fast!

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If you love fresh orange juice then an electric citrus juicer is a handy easy to use machine, that enables you to make a large glass of fresh orange juice super fast.

Electric Orange Juicer

Back in 2009 I bought an inexpensive £10 electric orange juicer so that my son then age 7 could make his own fresh orange juice.

It's very easy and safe to use - I keep it out on the counter. All you need to do is slice the oranges in half, and then press each half down on the top of the juicer.

It's super easy to clean too. Just rinse straight after using under the hot tap - takes about 10 seconds!

It gets loads of use. I often use it to make fresh orange juice for my green smoothies.

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