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Cold Busting Ginger juice recipe

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Ginger (Zingiber Officinalis) is a wonderfully spicy herb. Ginger root has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and is widely used to treat nausea and digestive distress.

Ginger Slammer One for now, one for later.Shot of Fresh Ginger Juice. One for now and one to go.

health benefits

Rich in antioxidants and potent gingerols modern scientific studies have shown that ginger is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and as well as helping us fight off colds it can reduce muscular aches and pains caused by exercising and arthritis. It may also help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and heart attacks.

  Scientific research into ginger

How to make a ginger shot

Ginger is lovely and warming. In cold weather a shot of fresh ginger juice is a fiery way to start the day.

This recipe makes enough for two shots so is great for sharing, or you can use a small container to store the second shot in the fridge for later. Alternatively make some frozen ginger zingers (see below).

Handy small leak-free pot (amazon.com)

Ginger juice recipe ingredients      Makes 2 large shots

  • A large thumb of ginger.
  • 1 apple.
  • Quarter of organic lemon with the rind. (optional)

How To Make

  1. There is no need to peel the ginger, but do make sure that there is no mold on it.
  2. Wash all the ingredients and slice to fit your juicer.
  3. Juice and pour into your shot glass.
  4. Slam like a tequila shot, and feel the heat!

Play around the amount of ginger. I actually enjoy 100% pure ginger juice slammers, but I'm weird that way. My OH likes a lot of apple with a very small amount of ginger, and my son thinks we're both bonkers.

Tip: I recommend you start with a small 1" (2.5cm) cube of ginger root the first time, and gradually add more if it doesn't taste too strong. It's fine to start with more, it's just very strong and it might totally put you off if you have too much the first time. Ginger is very potent and even a very small amount has many health benefits.

Frozen GINGER zingers

Once you've worked out what strength of ginger juice you enjoy then how about making up an extra batch of juice and freezing it so you always have some on hand. Great for those times when you want some NOW but don't want to break out the juicer.

Simply use an ice-cube tray or chocolate mold (amazon.com) to make frozen ginger shots. Once frozen you can either keep them in the tray, or pop them out and store them in a container or a zip-lock bag in your freezer.

Store in the freezer!

These ginger zingers are about 20ml and melt in your mouth like a spicy mini-popsicle. So good.

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> Ginger Juice Recipe