Growing Vegetables Indoors in Alaska

by Mona
(Missouri USA)

I found this site on and thought you may be able to help me with my situation. I am moving to the northernmost city in the US, Barrow, Alaska. I typically consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and want to continue that to maintain health. I will utilize organic sources from the lower 48, but I also plan to grow a garden/microgreens indoors.

I would love to have resources, links, suggestions, and directions on what lamps to order, what a setup might look like in a one-bedroom apartment, and what realities I may be faced with in growing a garden indoors during 67 days of darkness per year.

As you can imagine, shipping costs to bush Alaska are a concern. This will be a factor, but I also am determined to maintain optimal health so am looking for creative solutions to make it work.

Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated!

Mona from Missouri, USA

Comments for Growing Vegetables Indoors in Alaska

May 21, 2015
Any ideas anyone?
by: Amanda

Good luck with your indoor gardening.

I don't have any experience with growing under lights as it doesn't get that dark here in the U.K.

Hopefully someone with experience of growing in low light conditions will find your question and be able to help.

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