Help getting started with juicing

by Jennifer
(Spokane, WA)

I am just starting out juicing, I have already purchased a juicer and am ready to go. I need to start this for health reasons and have heard great things about juicing.

My main concern is the taste, I have a very sensitive stomach and it does not do well when what I am eating or drinking something that tastes foul or down right "just not good". I have tried the original V8 before, did not like it, as I don't like the taste of the tomatoes, I want the benefits of fruits and vegetables but don't want the drink tasting like vegetables.

I have also tried the V8 fusions and like the fact that I am getting fruits and vegetables but it has a sweet or fruity taste. I know I could get more benefits if I made the juice myself. My only limitation is coconuts, as I am allergic.

Any help you could possibly give me on this will be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your response and thank you for your time.

Jennifer Lipton

Comments for Help getting started with juicing

Aug 27, 2011
Starting Juicing - Juices that taste good
by: Amanda

Congrats on getting your first juicer. I suggest that you add apples to your vegetable juices to make them taste good. You can also try adding ginger and/or lemon juice to spice them up and make them taste better.

Carrot and apple juice is a nice sweet one to start off with. If you like you can add a stalk or two of celery for more minerals and natural sodium. It's also great with ginger and lemon when the weather turns cold.

The only problem I have with carrot and apple juice is that if you add the juice of green leafy veg such as romaine lettuce, chard or perhaps kale (not one to start with as it has a strong taste) the resulting juice turns brown. Not a problem nutritionally and it can taste lovely but the colour just puts me off. So when I'm making green juice I like to leave the carrots out, use apples to sweeten up the juice, ginger to cut through the greens, and lemon to add some zing.

Hope this helps,
Happy juicing,

Jul 29, 2013
Sensitive Stomach
by: caitlin


I also am new to juicing, and have no trouble with the flavors (pear and swiss chard is my favorite!!) However, my stomach is incredibly sensitive and I cannot eat many things without suffering form inflammation in my upper intestine (lactose, nitrates, citrus, anything carbonated, and medications that are in pill form, certain vitamins, etc) so I have trouble drinking my delicious juices! If I drink an 8 oz. glass in one sitting, I have a horrible stomach ache. I have tried different combinations, and even an apple and spinach juice has too much acid in it for me to tolerate. Any suggestions or ways to ease into it? Is everyone else able to drink a full 8oz drink without a stomach ache?

Sep 25, 2013
Sensitive Stomach
by: Amanda

Hope you've managed to find a way to settle your stomach.

I find juices are usually more easily digested if they are taken on an empty stomach and are low in fruit sugars, but that's just me I'm no doctor.

If 8oz of juice is too much then how about starting with a 2oz shot and seeing how you feel?

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