How to grow a mango
from a green mango seed....

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One day while eating a lovely juicy mango, I noticed that its seed was green and looked like it wanted to grow. I took the seed and placed it on its side in a small pot of damp compost. I covered the pot with a clear plastic bag to keep the seed nice and humid, and prevent the soil from drying out. It was then kept on a sunny window sill for a couple of weeks.

Walking passed one day I noticed it had sprouted a couple of leaves which were pressing against the top of the plastic bag. I removed the bag, and watered my little mango tree. Since then it has grown into a lovely houseplant. It is still in a very small pot and seems to thrive on drying out between waterings.

When it grows new leaves they start out red in colour, and then turn a deep shiny green.

how to grow a mango as a house plant

My little mango tree - November 2008

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