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I'm new to the juicing world, my husband brought home my POWER JUICER. It fits great on my counter and doesn't look too clunky.

Clean up is fairly simple, I juice 3 times at least a day since it's new to me and I love changing up the flavors.

The bag where the mulch is in is always dry and never been moist. Also its very quiet.

I think the best part is not having to chop any fruit up, except for the huge apples my husband bought.

The price was decent it was $90.00 at Walmart.

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Aug 22, 2014
Disagreement with negative comments about Jack LaLanne Juicer
by: Nancy Hoke

My Jack LaLanne Juicer has never stalled nor does it separate from the pulp collector. It extracts a tremendous amout of juice and pulp is very dry. I love it. Mine is several years old maybe newer ones aren't made as well, like most larger appliances today.

Dec 29, 2012
Jack Lalanne Juicer Machine not as good as the Man
by: John Pryor

Bought this because Jack Lalanne (and his wife) were incredibly great. Good features include the wide opening and relatively simple dismantling.

Ironically, the motor is underpowered for the size of the opening and will stall if you are not careful when doing stuff like beetroot.

Worst feature is that the unit does not sit on the bench as a single unit. e.g. The collection cup sits independently of the machine which is also independent of the mulch collector. Annoying, the machine vibrates (as juicers do) and move apart on our stone bench top.

Ah, if only it was half as great as Jack. But it is not and that makes it a very ordinary juicer.

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