by Noam

Hi Amanda,

Quick question: how would you prepare the nettle without getting stung?

BTW, cool website - thumb up


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Jul 05, 2012
Nettles - how not to get stung
by: Amanda

Hi Noam,

The most reliable way not to get stung is to wear gloves and long sleeves!

There are two types of nettles in the U.K. - The perenial nettle(Urtica dioica) and the annual nettle (Urtica urens). The annual nettle tends to have more stings, but be less painful.

They'll both sting you if they can, but if you want to eat them raw then you need to crush their (preferably) young leaves up well before you chew them. In the spring I like to roll the new leaves in on themselves and then squeeze them until the juice starts to run before I eat them.

Good luck,

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