by Dona
(Cypress, TX)

Retains pulp, simple to use, fast, easy cleanup. Love it.

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Dec 01, 2014
Improved NutriBullet
by: Anonymous

I recently bought the newer blade for my NutriBullet and it is far superior and quieter than the original. I used to use the Omega recommended by Dr. Mercola, but now much prefer the NB. It turns everything into a smoothie that's delicious because I include a scoop of Mercola flavored whey powder. Greens, sprouts, cucumber, fermented cabbage, 2 stalks celery, whey. I use only 1 inch of water, works much better.

Nov 15, 2013
by: Alice

I use my Breville to extract some juice, then put frozen berries and/or fruits in the NutriBullet, add some greens and the extracted juice and blend. The result is a smoothie that is not quite as thick, with all the benefits of the extracted juice plus fiber and nutrients from the fruits and greens. The NutriBullet blends it all up perfectly, and is easy to clean. Great little blender!

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