Omega Juicer 8006

by Debbie
(Houston, TX)

My husband and I bought an omegar 8006 juicer over a year ago and we love it. I think our only wish about the juicer is that it took larger pieces of veggies to reduce prep time (chopping carrots, beets, celery, everything).

Our omega juicer 8006 still has all of the original parts, meaning we haven't had to replace anything, and it still works great with well over a year of use. This model is also easy to clean and put away - take it from a lazy person that wouldn't use it if it were much trouble.

The most time consuming part is washing and cutting the veggies to feed into the juicer, but we usually prepare for a few days in advanced to save time to reap the juicy rewards.

My favorite juice is our modified version of a Ginger Bunny (which I first had at a spa resort in St. Lucia). The original had Carrot, Cucumber and ginger.

Our version has a lot more and changes frequently based on which veggies look the freshest when we shop, but typically has: carrots, pink lady apple, cucumber, celery, beet and sometimes spinach or cilantro, and a nice little chunk of ginger. It's sweet and spicy and is magenta in color, so totally in my happy color spectrum.

Like I said, we change it up a bit and have fun with it. The more you use it the better you get at knowing which fruits and veggies work well together.

Just remember that if you juice a combination of things you don't really like by themselves, then you will probably end up with a juice that goes done the sink or that you have to force down with hot sauce or lemon juice (been there).

So pick things you like, then add subtle amounts of the really healthy items like kale or wheatgrass, so as not to alter the flavor too much.

Also make sure you add some sort of flavorful element like ginger, garlic, cilantro, peppers, citrus or green onions so your juice is not too bland. You'll get the hang of it.

Happy juicing! It's really fun!

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