Omega Vert 330

by Marsha
(Attalla, AL, USA)

Love it! Only difference between the 330 and the 350 is the screens - the 350 comes with 2 screens made from a tougher material than the single screen of the 330.

This juicer, like the 350, leaves quite a bit of pulp in the juice, which can be strained out if you do not appreciate pulp.

Only con I have found so far, is that it does not like stringy things - they tend to catch and clog. So, be sure to cut across fibrous things like celery and ginger root.

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Omega Vert 350 hd

by Janice Holten

Best quality juicer I've ever had.
This will i am assuming, be my last one.
I will order it again, if need be.

Omega Vert 350 hd Information

  1. This juicer is easy to clean
  2. It's easy to put together/take apart
  3. Makes great quality juice with either little or some pulp, depending on the insert used.
  4. The pulp comes out so dry, you know you are getting the most juice, possible.
  5. This omega juicer has high quality parts.
  6. Prices start from $389.00, but in my opinion it's worth it.
  7. Has medicinal benefits over using a centrifugal juicer. (The internet is a good place to research, the differences)
    E.g. The 80rpms of the slow turning auger keeps the majority of the enzymes in your juice. And the juice stays fresh in a glass jar in the fridge for approx 72 hrs .

Comments for Omega Vert 350 hd

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Sep 03, 2011
Quiet. Easy Clean-up. HQ Juice. Happy Juicing!
by: Tantien

So my wife and I saw Joe Cross's "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and were inspired to try a juicing fast. After MUCH research, we settled on this premium masticating juicer and are on day two of a two day trial all-juice fast. So far the Omega Vert has been a champ.

Small footprint, quiet running, surprisingly fast (chomps and munches through the veggies really quickly), mostly gravity fed (except for greens), very easy clean-up and very high quality juice.

Some tips: celery needs to be cut small so the long fibers do not get caught as much in the pulp tube. If you don't do this there is a small yellow silicon flap (that purposefully, partially, blocks the pulp exit tube) that will snag these long fibers and the tube will become partially restricted. This flap apparently forces the juicer to keep the pulp inside, and the Vert pressing the pulp, until virtually all the juice is extracted and does so very well.

The white silicon parts (wiper blades and the gasket at the bottom) will become orange with carrots. This doesn't affect them, but FYI.

This produces a pretty dry pulp so we are very happy with the quality of the juice; especially the greens. That said, there is a substantial amount of pulp in the juice, even with the fine screen. So don't expect that this will be a pulp-free/low pulp juice. It will force you to chew your juice (which you need to anyway to allow your saliva to start the digestive process) so this is not too bad a thing. But if you like less pulp, you will need to put it through a screen before consuming.

Overall, we are very happy with this juicer and would recommend it if you can afford it.

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