Orange Juice

by Thom D
(Toronto Ontario Canada)

Hi, nice site you have. I was looking up the amount of vitamin c in oranges and your site came up.

I just wanted to mention that its actually better for most people to eat one or two oranges rather than drink a glass of orange juice containing 4 oranges worth of fruit sugar. One glass of fresh squeezed in the morning on some days of course is fine. The problem is that too many people drink juices constantly. Not only do they lose the much needed fiber benefits of the whole fruits in addition to other nutrients, but the high fruit sugars constantly spike insulin which can lead to insulin resistance and a host of other problems over time. Especially when you add all the other sugar related foods people tend to indulge in.

If you look in a typical fridge today you will see cartons of juices, from Apple to Orange to mixes that have added sugar. This is very bad. There is a misconception created by food companies that these juices are an important part of your daily intake which is untrue since you can get all the same nutrients plus more from eating the whole fruits.

I think you have a great site and it seems you get lots of traffic. I just wanted to suggest you include information such as this because you have a great opportunity to educate people.


Comments for Orange Juice

Jun 02, 2010
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
by: Amanda

Thanks for your information. I agree completely and will add some more info to my site soon.

Freshly squeezed orange juice is a lovely treat, and so much healthier than anything that comes in a carton, but it is high on the glycemic index and not suitable for anyone with diabetes.

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