Petroleum free growing containers

by Jo Ann
(Holland EU)

I found you site through Dr. Mercola so it must be good :-)

I have strong desire to grow my own food (small apartment), but my biggest issue is a non toxic container ...

Now the Health Ranger promotes his grow boxes, but somehow I can't get myself to grow healthy nutritious food in a product that's petroleum based ...

So my question is what can I use (for my windows, in my house and small balcony) as a base to grow food that's not toxic.

Hope you can help.

Thanks a million and keep up the good work.
Jo Ann

Comments for Petroleum free growing containers

Jul 06, 2015
Eco containers
by: Amanda

Good question. I too dislike buying plastic containers if it can be avoided. That said I haven't yet found a good alernative to plastic seed trays.

Here are a few ideas:

Bioplastic trays
Make our own wooden containers?
Ceramic containers e.g. deep terracotta saucers

We could even make our own bioplastic!

Hope your find something that works for you.
Happy growing,

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