Picking Wild Daffodils

I've read it's illegal to pick wild flowers such as daffodils, and fruit too? Can you confirm it's ok? Thanks!

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Mar 26, 2012
Picking wild daffodils and wild fruit
by: Amanda

I'm all for foraging for wild berries and fruit.

The U.K. code of conduct states: "Non-commercial gathering of berries, nuts and mushrooms for the table is a traditional use of the countryside and probably does no harm to the plant, providing it is carried out in moderation and the plant is common."

Personally I would leave daffodils in the wild where everyone can enjoy them.

It's not illegal to pick them in the U.K. providing there are lots of them growing, you only take a few, and you take care not to damage plants growing round them.

However it is illegal to take them from a nature reserve or protected site, unless you have the permission of the site owner or nature reserve warden.

For more info see the Wildflower Code of Conduct.

The following advice comes from the wildflower code of conduct (U.K.):

"Where and how much to pick

Be careful not to trespass when picking plants and never take material from a nature reserve or protected site without permission. Untended road verges and public rights of way are often good sources of wild flowers, but look out for traffic!

Take flowers and foliage only from large patches of the plant. Never take flowers that are rare.

Always pick in moderation so that plenty is left for others to enjoy.

Do not pick flowers such as poppies as they will wilt before you get them home.

Be careful not to damage other vegetation when picking flowers. "

Happy foraging,

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