Questions about Sprouting

by Adelina
(Virginia Beach, VA)

Hello Amanda,

I just discovered your site through Dr. Mercola's articles and I am very happy that I did; I already found a lot of wonderful information that I can put to use.

Six years ago I had a brain tumor which was surgically removed and since then I am happy and grateful to say that I am doing very well, and even raising a little boy (my grandson) who is now 5 and of whom my husband and I have custody.

Since the surgery I have made a lot of changes in my lifestyle and eating healthy is a priority. However, I have never used sprouts let alone grown any. I would like to start by sprouting sunflower seeds but I am not sure what you mean when you say using compost for the trays. Can I use organic soil, and if it must be compost what kind of compost do I look for to buy?

My 2nd question is: When you wash the sunflower seeds and put them in the cupboard until they germinate, do you put them spread flat, or can they be just in a large cup? I just subscribed to your site and I look forward to hearing from you and growing some sprouts. Thank you so much.

Adelina P.
Virginia Beach, VA

Comments for Questions about Sprouting

Mar 19, 2015
Sunflower Sprouts
by: Amanda

Hi Adelina,

I'm glad that you are doing well. Sunflower sprouts are fun to grow and your grandson will hopefully enjoy snacking on them too.

In answer to your questions:

(1) You can use organic soil to grow sunflower sprouts. The compost I buy from the garden centre is sterilized so I don't get any weed seeds germinating. Compost tends to be lighter in weight than soil so it is easier to move around.

(2) I leave the sunflower seeds in a large cup or small bowl. Spreading them out would probably dry them out too much. Just make sure that they aren't sitting in any water and rinse morning and night.

Happy sprouting,

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