Reusing Wheat Grass Compost.

by Antonio
(Whitby Ontario)

Hi Amanda,

I have just subscribed to your site.

I'm starting to grow wheat grass indoors. It's working well for me so far, however I would like to ask you a question regarding the soil. I've been using Aggro-Mix and it Is kind expensive. I wonder if I could reuse the Aggro-Mix Compost for the second crop .

Thank you Amanda, your site Is lovely, very helpful to me.

Comments for Reusing Wheat Grass Compost.

Jun 20, 2016
Soil for growing wheatgrass
by: Amanda

Hi Antonio,

Glad your enjoying the site and the wheatgrass growing is going well.

You need to use fresh soil or compost each time you grow wheatgrass (unless you grow it hydroponically).

The 'mats' left after harvesting your wheatgrass are full of roots and need to be composted in order to use them again. I'm lucky that I have an allotment and I take mine there.

Hope you find a method that works well for you,


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