Sprouted Wheat

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Sprouted wheat is easy to grow, and sweet and chewy to eat. I don't tend to eat it myself, but often sprout it to grow wheatgrass for juicing. It can also be used to make essene bread.

sprouted wheat

How to Sprout Wheat

There are many different methods that can be used to successfully sprout wheat. This is what I do:

  1. Place one cup of wheatgrass seeds (wheat berries) in a pyrex bowl or jug. You can also use a glass jar or pint glass.
  2. Cover with twice the amount of water, and leave overnight in a kitchen cupboard.
  3. The next morning drain all the water from the berries and leave to sprout. I use my hand to strain the water from the seeds, but you can also use a sieve. If you are going to eat the berries then give them a good rinse and drain again.
  4. Rinse in the evening, and then morning and night until they have sprouted a tail the same length as the seed.

In hot weather they will probably be ready to eat or sow after one day, but will take longer in cold weather.

As with all sprouted seeds it is important not to leave them sitting in water after their initial soak.