Sprouting almonds

by Stephanie

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for all the information on your website. It is really helpful and interesting!

I have a question about sprouting almonds. I am not sure whether the almonds I have are really raw. They are not roasted or salted but the package does not say anything about them being pasturized.

I "sprouted" them according to your instructions by soaking them in water overnight. They also got larger and softer and I was able to peel off the skins. Can this be an indication that they are indeed raw? Or would pasturized almonds also react this way? I thought you might be able to answer this question based on your experience.

Thank you very much in advance!

Comments for Sprouting almonds

Feb 24, 2012
Raw Almonds
by: Amanda (U.K.)

When healthy raw almonds are soaked they become larger and softer, but they are still nice and firm, not soggy of squishy.

Pasturized almonds are said to become soggy when soaked. Most almonds in the U.S.A. have been pasturized, but in the U.K. I believe most whole unroasted almonds are still raw.

Hope this helps!

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