Sprouting Peas

by Peter

I saw on mercola.com that they grow pea sprouts in trays of soil and don't cover the peas with a layer of soil.

You add another layer of soil. Do you think it's necessary?

I'm wondering if the peas might get mold if I don't add another layer of soil and why Mercola doesn't add another layer, like here...

Regards Peter

Comments for Sprouting Peas

Mar 03, 2014
Growing Pea shoots
by: Amanda

You don't need to cover peas with soil to get them to grow, but you do need to pre-sprout them before you spread them on the top of your tray of soil or compost.

I haven't got any pictures of growing pea shoots on this site (yet!), but I do have photographs of growing wheatgrass. And you grow pea shoots in a similar way.

I also have photos of growing sunflower greens from whole sunflower seeds. I do cover these with soil as I found when I grew them without the roots didn't take so well.

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