Stinging Nettles

by Charles B Scott
(Cupar Fife Scotland UK)

I have read your page on stinging nettles. It is the topside of the nettle leaf that contains the sting.

To eat a raw stinging nettle you pinch the underside of the leaf with you thumb and forefinger, and carefully fold it the pop it in you mouth. You will have a slight numbness on the tip of your tongue.

It is quite safe to do so, and they have a nice flavour, and contain lots of Iron.

Comments for Stinging Nettles

May 25, 2011
Stinging Nettles
by: Amanda

Thanks for your insights into picking nettles.

I've been out picking nettle leaves this week to attempt to work out if the stings are more on the top of the leaf, the bottom, or the edge, and am more confused than ever as whichever way I picked the nettle leaves I didn't get stung.

Happy foraging,

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