Purchasing sunflower seeds

Do you know of a place to purchase organic sunflower seeds for sprouting? I usually order from Azure Standard but they do not have seeds in the shells.

Thanks so much!!

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Sunflower Sprouts


Where do you personally source your sunflower seeds from?

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Sunflower seeds

What type of seeds do you buy? Raw organic shelled seeds at the health food store? Or is there a bulk source of seeds? Many thanks - I live in Massachusetts, Judith

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Sprouting Sunflower Seeds

I only have hulled sunflower seeds, bought in bulk.
Can I sprout those, or can they only be sprouted from the seed form?
Thank you for your site

Comments for Sprouting Sunflower Seeds

Apr 11, 2013
So much easier with hulls!
by: ruthparson

I was a complete failure at sprouting sunflower seeds. They'd get a great start then rot in the jar before they matured enough to eat. Then I purchased a big can of seeds with hulls. I also tried sprouting in a shallow square plastic container with a perforated bottom. It is perfect! I've been growing lush trayfulls of delicious and healthy seedlings. I can harvest for nearly two weeks catching most before the second set of leaves show.

May 31, 2013
What is the best source for bulk organic unhulled sunflower seeds?
by: Anonymous

When I go to the "bulk foods" section of my local Whole Foods Market, Wegman's, or other natural foods groceries, I see mung beans, soybeans, and many other seeds and beans suitable for sprouting, but I NEVER see:

(a) unhulled, raw, organic sunflower seeds, or

(b) raw, organic peas suitable for sprouting.

Why does this lack exist consistently, and where is the least expensive source to find raw, organic, unhulled peas and sunflower seeds?


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Organic Unhulled Sunflower Seeds for Growing Sunflower Greens

by Emma

Could you please recommend where to buy organic unhulled sunflower seeds from for growing sunflower greens? Most places seem to just have hulled.

Best Wishes

Comments for Organic Unhulled Sunflower Seeds for Growing Sunflower Greens

Jul 08, 2010
Organic Unshelled Sunflower Seeds
by: Amanda Mercer

Hi Emma,

It's quite hard to find organic sunflower seeds for growing sunflower greens here in the U.K.

I buy large bags of whole unhulled sunflower seeds from Brow Farm. The seed can be a bit dusty and twiggy, but it does grow excellent sunflower greens. Brow Farm grains and seeds are not certified organic, but they are all grown organically without the use of agro chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

When I lived in Chichester I also bought organic unshelled sunflowers from Infinity Foods a wholesale company that is based in Sussex, but they seem to have stopped supplying them.

If you find a good source of organic unshelled sunflower seeds for sprouting here in the U.K. do let me know!

If you live in the states you can buy organic unshelled sunflower seeds from amazon.com 1 LB Organic Sunflower Seeds (Black Oil)

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