Using a blender instead of a Juicer?

by Valerie Henderson
(Norfolk, England)

Hello Amanda, I like your site very much and would like your opinion on using a blender for juicing Vegetables and Fruit, as I find there is much more fibre with using the blender.

At the moment I use roughly a cup and a half of water to say, half a Beet, 3 celery stalks, 2 Carrots and some lemon juice.

Do you think I would I have to water down my juice more with using the blender (with more fibre content) than using my juicer?

Many thanks, with kind regards Val H.

Comments for Using a blender instead of a Juicer?

Jan 17, 2011
Blending for Health
by: Amanda

Hi Val,

Blending for health and creating raw soups and smoothies is a great way to enjoy your fruit and vegetables. Fiber rich smoothies help sweep your body clean from the inside, and make a change from eating salads.

A useful book on blending is "The Blending Book - Maximizing Nature's Nutrients: How to Blend Fruits and Vegetables for Better Health", by Ann Wigmore.

Click here to read reviews or buy "The Blending Book" from

Click here to read reviews or buy "The Blending Book" from

I wish I enjoyed the taste and texture of raw vegetable smoothies (often called raw soups), but I just don't like them, which is one of the reasons that I enjoy juicing my vegetables.

I do enjoy green smoothies (where you combine fresh fruits with green vegetables like baby spinach and parsley) which is a tasty way to eat your greens.

With a juicer you can create fresh vegetable juices that are instantly and easily absorbed by the body. No extra water is added, and most of the fiber is removed.

I enjoy both juices and smoothies in my diet.

I love juices because they make vegetables that I wouldn't otherwise enjoy eating raw taste delicious, and because they leave me feeling lovely and light and energised.

In the summer I often use my blender to make gorgeous smoothies using almond milk and frozen berries and bananas, while in the winter I find green smoothies with lots of ginger hits the spot.

Happy blending,

Jan 17, 2011
Thank you Amanda for your reply.
by: Val. H. UK

Hello Amanda,
your reply regarding my Blender to my Juicer was very interesting, thank you.
I will certainly look into Fruit and Veg smothies.
Today in my Blender, I did:-
Half med Beetroot.
4 sticks of Celery.
1 lrg Carrot.
Half of Advacado.
4 Sprouts.
Juice from half a Lemon.

In a large Mug, I put 1 teaspoon of Honey and 2 teaspoons of A.C.V (Apple Cider Vinegar)
then added my smoothy into the mug, very nice.

I prefer the Juicer to the Blender for lot's of things, but I am trying to lower my B.P and believe that the fibre in the smoothies will be better for that reason.

Do you have any thoughts on that? Is there anything you might be able to enlighten me with, regarding high B.P?
Thank you once again for your reply. It is Much appreciated. Kindest regards, Val H. UK.

Jun 19, 2011
Blending juice
by: Chieko

You may have found out that water is necessary in the blender to get the veggies to be blended. I do add water to some of my blended juices so they are more drinkable. But considering all the fiber and nutrients you are getting, the water is not going to make a difference with all the wonderful nutrition you get from blending. I like juicing in the blender because I can consume a lot more veggies than I would if I had to make a salad with all those ingredients and then have to chew it! The blender is doing my chewing for me and I can consume a lot more veggies that way! I don't usually add fruit to my blending other than lime, lemon, or grapefruit juice. I do blend up certain fruits with plain yogurt and then freeze. These become a treat on a hot day. Let them thaw several minutes. They're still mostly frozen but delicious. By the way, I usually add lime or lemon juice and sweeten with stevia. The fruit and yogurt mix is 50/50. Experiment and have fun!!

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