Vegetable Juice Recipes

Fresh vegetable juice is lovely any time of the day.  Nutrient rich freshly made juice is excellent for keeping the body hydrated and is so easy to digest so you can feel the benefits immediately.

Here are a selection of my favorite juice recipes, plus information on health benefits, nutrition facts and advice on juicers. The recipes all serve one thirsty person. Enjoy!

Vegetable Juice REcipes
Health benefits and Nutrition Facts

When to juice?

You can juice at any time of the day that suits you. I love to start the day with a raw vegetable juice, and make extra to store in the fridge or cool bag for later on in the day when I get thirsty.  Fresh juice is most nutritious straight after it's made, but if you want to drink fresh juice several times a day then it can be seriously laborious to break out the juicer and start from scratch each time.

I often make up a large batch of juice and store some in the fridge or cool bag for later. I keep the juice in leak proof glass jars (amazon) filling them right up to the brim to minimize oxidation.

This means I can take fresh juice out with me for the day and have some waiting for me when I get home, without all the hassle of making it from scratch each time. You can also freeze the juice.

Should i Juice organic vegetables?

Absolutely, I prefer to use organic fruit and vegetables but I can't always justify the extra cost. One of the many advantages of organic produce is that it doesn't need to be peeled.  When my budget doesn't stretch to organic vegetables then I buy non-organic and give them a good wash them first.

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