What is the best way to store fresh juice?

by Richard Hardy
(Midland Ontario Canada)

I would like to make seven day supplies of Juicer recipies. Store them in tupperwear containers and have one every day.

If I had to maike fresh juice every day I would be in and out of the produce store constantly!

But a Juicing web site says that one MUST instantly consume the drink I just made as (well I will use their wording) ...
" Drink immediately. Nutrients are lost within 20 minutes if not consumed immediately".
Huh? What do you think of that?

Stored properly in the refrigerator one would think they would be good for some time? Maybe in the freezer?

The one that I want to try as I have a recovering liver is ...

•1 small beet with green tops
•4 carrots
•2-3 green apples
•dandelion root and greens (Note from Rick ... what the heck is are dandlion roots?)
•Kale or collard greens (Note from Rick ... what the heck is Kale?)
•1/4 inch slice fresh ginger root

All the best to you and yours ...

God Bless ... Rick

Comments for What is the best way to store fresh juice?

Aug 10, 2010
Best way to store juices.
by: Amanda

Hi Rick,

It IS best to drink your juice straight away. However you can store juice both in the fridge, and in the freezer.

A masticating juicers allows juice to be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days with minimal nutrient loss.

How to store juice in the fridge

To keep juice fresh in the fridge I like to add an extra lemon to it, and fill my juice container completely to the top to minimise oxydation.

The best way to store your juice is in a wide mouth glass container that holds as much as you can drink in a single serving.

Freezing juices

I've not got any experience of this myself (yet!) but here is a useful link about
how to freeze juices
. I'd be tempted to use plastic containers if I was freezing juice.

What's Dandelion Root?

It's the root of the common wild flower dandelion (an edible weed!). It has a yellow flower and is very common here in England.

What's Kale??

This is a deep green leafy vegetable with rather thick tough leaves. More about kale here!

Happy juicing,

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