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Sep 09, 2013
Wheat grass may not be gluten free
by: Anonymous

For people who are extremely sensitive it is best not to eat wheat grass. A friend of mine had a small amount of wheat grass juice added to her blender drink in a health store. The store clerks both said it would not have gluten in it and I looked it up online and two sites said the same thing. She drank it and had a severe reaction for days. What she found out it that it would only take one blade of grass to became a little too mature...

Nov 09, 2013
by: Space

I really appreciated this enquiry and note the excellent advice - if one blade becomes mature you're done for!!
That was my understanding so I feel I can trust advice from this site and am sure there are alternative methods to achieve what is sought.
I'd like to know about mung fave...and whether ok in the autoimmune protocol or whether I should re-introduce them perhaps at a later time.
loads of love

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