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Shot of wheatgrass juiceShot of Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice is an incredibly nutritious living super food. Freshly juiced it's almost a complete food in itself. An excellent source of chlorophyll, and very rich in vitamin E. It is said to have an alkalizing effect on the body. Containing all eight of the amino acids it has almost a gram of protein for every teaspoon of juice.

There are reported to be many health benefits to be gained by juicing wheatgrass and drinking the fresh green juice, and I certainly feel much calmer and focused when I get my daily 2 ounce shot of wheatgrass juice.

wheatgrass health benefits

wheatgrass benefits

Possible health benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice:

  • An end to  halitosis (bad breath). Chlorophyll is great for sweetening the breath.
  • Anit-aging: helps the body rejuvenate.
  • Reversing grey hair to it's original colour.
  • Detoxify the body :  helps clean and build the blood and remove heavy metals from the body.
  • Improves immunity, increasing the bodies ability to fight off disease.
  • Cure for anemia
  • Helps the body to fight cancer, and destroy cancerous growths
  • Stabilizes blood sugar

Wheatgrass Juice - External and Topical Uses

Not only can wheatgrass juice be drunk for health and well-being, but it has many uses externally as well.

  • The juice can be used to calm and help heal burns, cuts, rashes, stings, and bites.
  • A simple poultice can be made by soaking some semi-dry grass in wheatgrass juice, and applying it to sore skin. Held in place with a bandage it is said to sooth the skin, and draw out any toxins.
  • Wheatgrass juice acts as a disinfectant on the skin and scalp, and provides nutrients that can be absorbed through the skin.
  • If you have a sore throat then chewing on fresh wheat grass, or gargling with wheatgrass juice will help fight the infection. (I've tried this one, and it worked for me!)
  • Rubbing the juice onto sore gums, or applying a poultice to a sore tooth is said to promote healing, reduce the pain, and stop bleeding.
  • Finely strained wheatgrass juice can be used as an eyewash for sore or tired eyes, and can be gently applied with a dropper into the ear to help relieve ear ache. It can also be applied with a dropper to the nose to help clear blocked sinuses.

In her book The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program Ann Wigmore warns that using wheatgrass juice on sensitive parts of the body such as the eyes, ears, or nose may cause symptoms to worsen at first, and should this occur then to dilute the wheatgrass juice, or stop using it altogether.

wheatgrass side effects

  1. Nausea: When you start drinking wheatgrass you might feel sick. Nausea and headaches are not uncommon when you begin to drink wheatgrass juice. It's a strong detoxifier with a peculiar taste. I recommend you start gently with just 10ml of juice and build up gradually. Try diluting the juice 50/50 with water, and adding a squeeze of lemon juice to cut through the taste. When it comes to wheatgrass less really can be more. To minimse nausea drink your wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating.
  2. Diarrhoea: Too much juice can have a laxative effect on the body. This may be your bodies way of getting rid of toxins fast, wheatgrass juice is poweful stuff. If this happens to you reduce the amount of wheatgrass juice you are drinking or stop altogether for a few days.
  3. Allegic Reaction: If your gluten intolerant or have a wheat allergy then wheatgrass juice may not be for you. If you get hives, or any swelling in your face or throat then stop drinking wheatgrass immediately and see a qualified medical professional. You can also react to mold on wheatgrass so be sure to check your wheatgrass is healthy and keep all your equipment nice and clean.

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