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by Fa

I came across a problem when trying to get wheatgrass seeds. I live in France ATM, and here the suppliers have a dozen type of organic wheat seeds. However in the US, where a lot of the documentation on wheatgrass has been written, they talk about that "Hard Red Winter wheat seed" and say they are the best to grow wheatgrass but here in France or even europe we don't use this term.
I have supplier for Winter tender seeds but names varies like :


Those are type of "Tender" winter wheat organic seeds. I can also get Spring wheat seeds, I'm trying to find "Hard" winter seeds with no success so far.
Would you have more information about that Red winter wheat ? another name ? Latin name ? a bit more in depth information about it ?
I have no idea what to choose from.


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May 21, 2015
Types of wheatgrass seed
by: Amanda

I get my wheatgrass seed from a U.K. supplier and from the information on their website they have tried growing wheatgrass from a range of different seeds.

They write:

"The first thing we had to do was to find a good seed to grow the wheatgrass from. Like many people we thought we had to buy in the best seeds from over seas and so we did. After sowing and growing this seed we soon reallised that we could find and grow a better seed for wheatgrass than the seed we had imported.

So then we tried seeds that were meant to be UK grown wheatgrass seed! But this turned out to be just a blend of more than 6 different varieties of seeds and some of them not even from the UK. We wanted a wheatgrass that we could grow for seed year after year here on the farm so we'd know where the seed comes from all the time.

So we looked around and tried many seeds until we found one that grow well to make a good green crop of wheatgrass. We use a very old strain of seed and it stands up well to disease and we think it holds a good taste when juiced. One of the problems with using so called old wheat's is the seed yield is very low compared to new wheat's on today's market.

We are always looking and trying other strains of wheatgrass and have two that look very good at the moment. We will grow these wheat's for our own use only so we can build up the seed stocks for them for another year. By that time we'll know if they are what is needed to make a good wheatgrass."

For more info visit their site: http://www.browfarmwheatproducts.co.uk/wheatgrass.htm

It would be interesting to hear what seed you decide to use.

Happy juicing,

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