Wheatgrass tamer

by Jeanne

My first juice :)

My first juice :)

Hello there,

I tried your Wheatgrass recipe and it was the very first thing I put in my brand new Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. I've never juiced before this. Now what I need to know is this...is there a wheatgrass tamer, an ingredient that will cover up its very strong flavor? I found that the lemon really helped but are there other ingredients that will help too? From what I've read online, it appears that wheatgrass is packed with nutrients, which is why I'd like to use it regularly.

Thanks for any help you can give me. And thanks for the recipe!


Comments for Wheatgrass tamer

Feb 02, 2015
Making wheatgrass more palatable
by: Amanda

Hope you've found a way to tame the wheatgrass. It does have a very strong taste. I like to think of it as medicine and simply hold my nose and down it in one. Alternatively you could try adding ginger along with the lemon and see if that helps. I love ginger when the weathers cold outside.

Some folk like to dilute it with milder juices such as carrot juice.

Happy juicing,

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